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Ivy Decker

Ivy graduated Summa Cum Laude from The Ohio State University in May 2016 with a degree in English and dual minors in Professional Writing and Creative Writing. While in college, she gained editorial experience as Editor-in-Chief and senior staff member of The Sundial Humor Magazine. Additionally, she completed an editorial internship with Columbus, Ohio's (614) Magazine where she pitched and composed original articles as well as other editorial and copywriting tasks. Ivy also developed copywriting and marketing skills in her professional writing courses, which focused on writing for the "work world." Now that Ivy is truly part of that "work world" that everyone advised was coming, she's excited to use her writing background to develop the voice and values of the brands she represents, including ATA. In her free time, Ivy writes comedy, plays the ukulele, and hangs out with her cat, Rey.
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In this blog post, we'll describe the top 5 reasons jewelry makers buy your product and explain how you can begin building relationships based around your product's value propositions as well as your team's expertise and experience.
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Why Auto Enthusiasts Shop at AutoZone (and How Your Brand Can Win More Market Share)

In this post, we'll explain why auto enthusiasts shop at AutoZone and how your brand can win more market share over the franchises you're competing with.
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How Cosplay Makers Discover New Products

In this blog post, we'll explain the most common ways cosplay makers discover new products to add to their tool kit as well as why that social proof is so important and necessary for the success of your brand.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Feb 27, 2019