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Ivy Decker

Ivy graduated from The Ohio State University and is ATA's Content Journalist. She's excited to use her writing background to develop the voice and values of the brands she represents, including ATA. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction and comedy, playing ukulele, and hanging out with her cat, Rey. Ivy is passionate about doughnuts, the first three seasons of Spongebob Squarepants, and the oxford comma.
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Best DIY Resources for Automotive Maintenance

In this post, we'll discuss the best DIY resources for automotive maintenance and how your brand can build your reputation as an expert in the DIY segment.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Oct 16, 2019

Creating Effective Tutorials for Fiber Artists

In this post, we'll explain how to create effective tutorials for fiber artists and discuss the importance of sharing your expertise with your target audiences.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Oct 9, 2019

What You Should Know About the Resin Jewelry Trend

In this post, we'll explain what your brand should know about the resin jewelry trend and discuss what types of resources jewelry makers need to get started with the material.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Oct 2, 2019