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What You Should Know About the Resin Jewelry Trend

In this post, we'll explain what your brand should know about the resin jewelry trend and discuss what types of resources jewelry makers need to get started with the material.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Oct 2, 2019

How Jewelry Makers Source Their Materials

In this post, we'll explain how jewelry makers source their materials based on the needs of their craft as well as how these passionate crafters form connections with their suppliers.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on May 29, 2019

The Top 5 Reasons Jewelry Makers Buy Your Product

In this blog post, we'll describe the top 5 reasons jewelry makers buy your product and explain how you can begin building relationships based around your product's value propositions as well as your team's expertise and experience.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Mar 20, 2019

How Jewelry Makers Research Their Craft Online

In this post, we're discussing how jewelry makers research their craft online, as well as taking a look at what types of content they need and how your brand can get involved.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Feb 13, 2019

Makers 1-on-1: Anne Harrill - Oceanne Jewelry

This week's Makers 1-on-1 interview features metalsmith and jewelry maker Anne Harrill with her own brand Océanne in Cleveland, OH. If your brand sells to jewelry makers and metalworkers, this 1-on-1 interview with Anne will give you important insights into building connections with makers like her.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Nov 7, 2018