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How Jewelry Makers Research Their Craft Online

Posted by Ivy Decker on Feb 13, 2019
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Metal wax cast jewelry laid out on a workbench with jewelry making toolToday, we can learn a lot about almost any topic from the internet. While that's a lot of information to sort through, the internet has played a huge role in the growth of the Maker Movement and the empowerment of today's makers. Jewelry makers (and the brands that serve them) in particular have been pushing their industry forward by sharing information, ideas, and inspiration on social media, blogs, and more. But what types of content are they looking up and where?

In this post, we're discussing how jewelry makers research their craft online, as well as taking a look at what types of content they need and how your brand can get involved.

A Jewelry Maker's Favorite Online Content and Resources

  • Jewelry making supplies in a trayYouTube: Many jewelry makers turn to YouTube (or other online video) when they want to learn a new skill or overcome a challenge in their process. YouTube videos produced by both brands and fellow makers are an invaluable source for how-tos and tutorials, product reviews, and demonstrations. The ability to not only get the information they're looking for but to also watch someone work through it as an example keeps jewelry makers coming back to YouTube as a search engine for the answers to their crafting questions.

  • Instagram, Pinterest, and Blogs: Imagery-focused social media platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest, and blogs serve as another source of information and inspiration for most jewelry makers. In fact, many makers originally started making their own jewelry after seeing what others have made through social media. Jewelry makers turn to these platforms to find out what's trending in the industry, what new products their favorite brands are developing, and to check out even more DIY guides and tutorials.

  • Makers and Mentors: Finally, the online jewelry making community is an active source for discussions and shared knowledge that helps plenty of makers, new and experienced, along their crafting journey. Many jewelry makers seek out connections, friends, and mentors through social media who they can reach out to directly with the questions or struggles they might have during their projects. Chances are, whatever type of jewelry they're trying to make or whatever product they're looking for, someone has done or tried something similar, and those opinions can help jewelers make informed decisions about their craft. And thanks to the Maker Movement and the growth of crafter culture in the U.S., nearly all jewelry makers are open to answering any questions that come their way. Jewelry makers want to see each other succeed, and they support their fellow makers however they can.

Connecting with Jewelry Makers Online

Jewelry maker hand stamping a piece of metal with a hammerWhile each jewelry maker will use the internet and social media in slightly different ways, depending on their preferences and needs, a general pattern emerges when we analyze what they're looking for when they search for information online. Staying connected with brands and other makers online allows jewelers to stay updated on what's going on in their industry as well as learn new skills, tips, and other valuable insights they can use to improve their craft or business. And if your brand markets and sells to today's jewelry makers, it's time you make a commitment to the makers in your target audience and get involved.

Connecting with jewelry makers online requires some strategy and balance, as well as knowing what your audience is looking for. On one hand, it's important to spread awareness for your brand and educate potential buyers on your products and services. However, for every post or piece of content you provide that focuses on your own business, you should also consider putting out one or more resources aimed at genuinely helping your audiences accomplish their goals. By using your expertise to teach jewelry makers valuable skills or techniques, you'll be able to align your brand with their best interests, inspiring trust and, hopefully, making the case for why you would be a valuable partner in their crafting process.

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