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How Hollywood Insights Inspire Makers and the Creative Process

Posted by Alicia Lewis on Sep 20, 2017


There was an interesting article written a few months ago by Joe King of CampaignUS that discusses how insights stemming from the bright lights of Hollywood can have a deep and surprising impact on the creative process of makers and the Maker Movement as a whole. 

King notes that inspiration for makers of all kinds can be taken from thought-provoking quotes from Hollywood's greatest writers, directors, producers and performers. These tips or quotes or mantras aren't just inspiring what makers make, they're actually inspiring how they make them, the creative process. The process a maker takes to create a product tends to be different from person to person. But overarching ideas can allow for a glimpse into the mind of a maker and how they work creatively. 

1. "With more limitations you are actually more free." – Robert Rodriguez. When feeling boxed in or confined on a project or timeline, it can be the best opportunity to  focus creativity. 

2. "Let it suck for a second," - J.J. Abrams. People tend to drift toward ideas that have been done. Instead of going off an idea that's been recycled numerous times over, go back to that odd idea and work it out, mush it and play with it for awhile. It may suck at first, but who knows what it can evolve into. 

jewelry .jpg3. "We can always find the right story when we ask ourselves what feels true." – Peter Del Vecho. What’s the one thing about an idea that’s relatable and true? A more powerful idea may just be unearthed, or even a filter to guide everything else on the project.

4. "Own the risk." – Kathleen Kennedy. While it may be easy to play it safe, remember: creativity is powerful. It makes products stand out and feel different or interesting. The pursuit of creativity means sometimes following an uncertain path, but the results are worth that risk.

5. "Make your actors feel divine." – Angela Bassett. If everyone in a production line or small company feels that they are making a maximum contribution, they will achieve more, and thus the team achieves more. The leaders in a creative process need to allow each member  to play a meaningful role.

So what can you do with these quotes? Easy, you can better understand where makers are coming from and what their creative process is on a daily basis. If you'd like to learn more about makers and where to connect witht them, check out our blog post on How to Reach Makers on Social Media


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