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Is the Scrapbooking Market Segment Still Valuable for Brands to Pursue?

In this post, we'll explain why the scrapbooking market segment is still valuable for craft brands to pursue and help you understand what modern scrapbooking is all about.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Sep 11, 2019

The Top 5 Reasons Cosplay Makers Buy Your Product

In this post, we'll list the top 5 reasons cosplay makers buy your product and explain how and why cosplay makers are willing to take the chance on a product that's brand new to them.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Aug 14, 2019

The Buyer's Journey for Today's Makers Who Sew

In this post, we'll discuss the main points of the Buyer's Journey for makers who sew and the types of info they're looking for during each phase.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Jul 17, 2019

Today's Soapmakers: Demographics and Statistics

In this post, we'll share some of the most important demographics and statistics that help define who today's soapmakers are as well as list some of the most popular soapmaking trends of 2019.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on Jun 5, 2019

How Jewelry Makers Source Their Materials

In this post, we'll explain how jewelry makers source their materials based on the needs of their craft as well as how these passionate crafters form connections with their suppliers.
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Posted by Ivy Decker on May 29, 2019