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How Paper Crafters Research Their Craft Online

Posted by Ivy Decker on Mar 27, 2019
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Paper crafter supplies laid out on a table for a projectThe phrase "paper crafters" covers a wide range of different makers today, from scrapbookers to card makers to calligraphers and more. However, while all these groups and niches might create different projects using different techniques and methods, they have a lot in common as well — namely, they all work with similar products, and they all use the internet as part of their craft. Through social media and other online resources, paper crafters can make connections and find digital content that improve their creative process and help them enjoy their passion even more.

But when they only have so much time to spend online, how do they choose to make the most of it? In this post, we'll show you how paper crafters research their craft online and also explain why creating online connections with crafters matters to your brand and its presence in the industry.

3 Ways Paper Crafters Research Their Craft Online

  1. Paper crafter and artist inspiration hanging on the walls of a studio galleryGet inspiration. First, many paper crafters turn to social media and web content as a major sources of inspiration when it comes to creating new projects, patterns, and designs. Mainly using Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, they search and browse images to learn about popular design trends and crafting techniques or ideas. However, this inspiration isn't limited only to paper crafts; these makers will pull ideas across all types of design, from fashion to photography to architecture and more. Anything they consume online could conceivably spark a creative idea down the road. However, something as simple as a picture of a card or a scrapbook page could set a crafter on their way to a new project. They also search for tutorials, how-tos, and video demonstrations to see how they could create new types of projects or practice new techniques.

  2. Sharing tips and advice with other crafters. Thanks to the Maker Movement, all types of crafters are more empowered than ever to share their work with others, both in-person and online. Social media and blogs have become incredibly valuable outlets for paper crafters who want to share their process and finished work, but it's also a great way for them to meet and support other crafters as well. Especially on Instagram, paper crafters have formed a supportive community centered around discussing and sharing their work. Paper crafters use the internet to get feedback on their work and build an audience while also supporting each other and learning from each other's tips and processes.

  3. Keeping up with their favorite brands. Finally, many paper crafters follow their favorite crafting brands on social media and through email newsletters in order to stay up to date on products, get tutorials and other educational resources, and find out more about the brands, their products, and any special offers that might be available. Crafters are interested in the benefits of following both brands they already love as well as ones they're interested in trying out but haven't purchased from yet. By learning what each brand has to offer, crafters can make smart purchase decisions and keep an eye on trends in the industry as well.

Making Genuine Connections with Today's Paper Crafters

Scrapbooking and paper crafting supplies on a white tableMakers of all kinds, including paper crafters, have come to depend on the internet and social media today to help them be the best makers they can be. The conversations they're a part of on social media influence how they approach their process, choose the materials and supplies they use, and select the brands they want to use. As a result, your brand's online presence and the social content you share goes a long way to establish your reputation among the makers you serve.

The content you offer is an important touchstone that allows potential customers to get to know your brand and evaluate your products, expertise, and customer service. By creating a content strategy with a paper crafter's needs and online habits in mind, you stand a much better chance of actually making an impact in the crafting community and earning the loyalty of today's crafters.

By researching and understanding what paper crafters want when they use the social internet, you can start to see your target audience beyond simple demographics and also serve them better with the products and expertise you have to offer. The best way to become a genuine part of those social conversations about paper crafting is to make your own contributions that help crafters in their searches and discussions.

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