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How Woodworkers Organize (Or Should Organize) Their Space

Posted by Alicia Lewis on Feb 28, 2018

woodworker-organizationWoodworkers have a lot of stuff, so much stuff that we had to write an entire blog post about it. It just comes with the territory. And sometimes it can feel like one of the biggest issues facing woodworkers is a lack of space. But could it instead be that woodworkers are just dealing with a lack of organization? Let's take a look at some of the ways woodworkers can organize and utilize their space to make them the most productive.

  1. Clear out the junk. Woodworkers can go through every nook, shelf, cranny, and cabinet and throw out anything and everything that isn't needed or doesn't belong. They should be extremely thorough and picky. Have they touched it in the last year or do they logically expect to have a need for it in the next five? If not, it's tossed. Is it an important document, password, or item? If so, it's relocated to the office or a drawer where they keep that sort of stuff. It doesn't belong in the workshop.

  2. Organize everything into piles. Once they have the junk out of their workspace, they can properly organize their tools and materials. The best way might be to pull everything out and sort it all into piles: a pile for hand tools, a pile for electric tools, a pile for nails and screws, a pile for assorted wood, etc. They can create as many piles as they'd like.

  3. Find a spot for everything in your piles. Now a woodworker has all those empty, clean spaces they just pulled all of their junk and tools from. Time to fill 'em up! The next step is to think about which spot makes the most sense for each pile. Which spots do they gravitate to the most? Their most-used tools and materials should go in those spots. If they put some of their go-to items in a random, out-of-the-way spot, they'll constantly be second guessing where they put them. 

  4. Label everything. Now that everything is put neatly away, woodworkers will probably want to keep it that way. A great way to do this is by creating labels or nameplates so that they stick to their organization. Labelling every drawer, shelf and nook ensures they'll never have to fumble around to find something or put something away again.

  5. Buy a trash can. This one's pretty simple and seems like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how much a trash can can assist in woodworkers keeping their space clean and clear of clutter. It's vital in a workspace.

By understanding the ways in which a woodworker organizes their space, you as a marketer can better appeal to their wants and needs. Does your product appeal to this segment of makers? What are woodworkers missing in their space? Would your product fulfill that need? Where would it be categorized, kept, and used most, and how can you cater to that in your design and marketing? These are all questions you should be asking yourself and your team as you strive to understand today's woodworkers.

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